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the drawing without the stuff on top


the drawing without the stuff on top

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Some bits and pieces I found in an older archive while migrating between computers. 

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Just found out my dad’s gonna be on the Rachel Maddow show tonight.


lol nah dude panicked and couldn’t make it to KC on time I swear

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Just found out my dad’s gonna be on the Rachel Maddow show tonight.


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friend-zoning guys is horrible. it is disgusting. funzone them instead. send them to a small childs park so they can cry with the other babies when they dont get what they want.

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why care about anything when u could care about yu yu hakusho more

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when you suddenly remember you have homework due the next day:


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via Mike Brown: Facts and dog whistles by Jonathan Korman (@miniver)

Part I here

I don’t care if he was smoking a doobie a mile long, it wasn’t a shooting offense.  Stealing cigars, if true, wasn’t a shooting offense.  He could have been letting air out of the tires of the chief’s fucking tires and it still wouldn’t be a shooting offense, you know why?  THERE IS NO CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY THAT IS A SHOOTING OFFENSE.  Even if he’d been jailed, arraigned, gone through all the procedures of court for felony murder in a death penalty state, been found guilty and exhausted all of his appeals, no one could shoot him.  As it was, he was walking down the street.

Walking.  Because that’s what dangerous guilty horrible criminal persons do in this country, friends and neighbors, they walk down the street, ignoring the police officer in such a perverse, vicious, and heinous manner that the police officer, protecting and serving his tightly gripped ass off, shoots him.  Multiple times.  Because everyone knows the white policeman would never just plain haul off and shoot an innocent man in these United Racist States.

I hate this.  There will never be justice here.  Never.

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